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Soap Slab Moulds > SOAP SLAB MOULD No 1 (10 in 1)

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Mould Description

This is a new and reusable mould made from thick transparent plastic.
Use this mould to make large slabs of soap which you can sell by the slice!
You'll get 10 soaps out of this - each measuring approximately 3½" by just over 1¾" by ¾" deep. (That's approx. 9cm by 4½cm by 18mm deep for those of you who prefer metric!) You don't have to slice the slab like this of course, but there will be appropriate markings on the soaps you cast using this mould.
The whole slab will weigh approx. 900g (2lbs) which means that each of the 10 soaps will weigh approx. 90g (3.2oz)
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Each slab you make will measure approx. 9¾" x just over 7" (24½cm x 18cm) and they will ¾" (18mm) deep. (HANDY HINT: You don't have to fill the mould! If you'd prefer thinner soaps then simply don't fill the mould to the top!

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