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Humorous Soap Moulds > NAUGHTY SOAP MOULD 4 moulds on 1

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Mould Description

Someone told me that this design was naughty!! I don't understand why though?!??! I just made a nice design for a bar of soap with some pretty little feet on it.!! I've decided to call it a "Naughty Mould" though because "Foot Mould" doesn't sound very nice now, does it?!!


Ha! Ha! Ha!   Nudge, Nudge - Wink, Wink! Say no more!!   Aren't I naughty?!   Ah well, who cares?!!   I'm shocked at you, Denny!   It's not that rude, is it??   LOL - you gotta laugh!!!


Try adding a mix of Patchouli, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang or any other musky oils to your soaps. (They're known for their sensual properties). As well as being a bit of fun, it'd also make these soaps an ideal gift for him to give to her, or her to give to him!

Each soap you make will weigh approx. 80g (almost 3oz).

They will measure approx. 3¼" x 2½" (82mm x 63mm) and they will be almost ¾" (18mm) deep.

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