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I've decided to make the proverbial "About Us" page rather informal, so apart from the above essential information, everything else on here will be less "businessy" and more "friendly/chatty"!!  Here goes...


Well, to be honest, "we" is about 80% just "me", Denny!! I do most of the work around here, which is why I get to have my name as part of the name for my business - "DennyCraft Moulds"!*

I've always been involved in all sorts of craft work ever since leaving school many years ago. (No - I'm not going to tell you how old I am now!) However, I only decided to start up my own business in mould supplies about 7 years ago.

I started selling my handmade moulds on eBay and because of the success of that I branched out into my own website. At the time of writing this I have over 20,000 positive feedbacks on eBay, some 11,000 of which are from unique buyers, so I must be doing something right!!! 

Feel free to check my feedback on eBay. You can find it by doing an advanced search on eBay and choosing "Items by Seller". You'll then be able to type in my eBay User ID, which is "mynameisdenny" - (I know - not a very imaginative name!!!)

I'd love to hear from you with positive comments that I could put on my
TESTIMONIAL PAGE here on this website! With your permission I'd add your comment to the page, so please do get in touch.

OK - back on topic:   (!!!)

We make and sell moulds for soap, (both Melt and Pour Soap and Cold Process Soap), plaster, concretewax, chocolate, bath bombs etc. I always get funny looks when I tell people that I am a "Mould Supplier" and I have to explain to them that it's CRAFT MOULDS that I make and sell - NOT the fungal type!

Our range is always expanding, limited only by the amount of time I have to make more designs! I love making new designs, so if you have any particular sort of mould in mind, let me know. At the moment I don't make custom moulds or one-offs, simply because of the time and cost involved. But I'm always willing to have a go at a more general type of design that would be appealing to a wider range of customers.

At present all of our moulds, (or "molds" as they say in America!), are made from various types of vacuum formed plastic. I make an original design by hand first, and then make the moulds from that. You can then use them to make your own handmade soaps or chocolates or cake decorations or wall plaques, or bath bombs, or candles or even concrete garden ornaments! These types of plastic moulds are semi-flexible and are reuseable MANY, MANY times. (Please see our
FAQs page for more info on the moulds and how best to use and take care of them).

Well, that's about it for now. As you can see I've used the "Royal WE" a few times here, but I just wanted you to know that in the main you'll be dealing with me - Denny! I also wanted to make this page fun so that you'd realise that I'm a real person and I'm always willing to help, so you should feel free to get in touch if you need to.

Happy Crafting! And all the best to you and yours!


(I'm the one on the right!!)

*(A little story for you!): I decided to call the business "DennyCraft Moulds" and NOT "Denny Craft Moulds" because I thought that having DennyCraft as just one word with a capital letter in the middle would look trendy!!! Most people think that the lack of a space between "Denny" and "Craft" is a typing error though! Ah well, you try to be all hip and trendy but it all goes wrong!!   

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