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UPDATE on 6th October:

My operation went well! :-)

I'll be opening as normal again on Monday, 17th October.

You'll be able to place your orders as of today, but please remember that I won't be processing them until 17th October. I'll process your orders in the order in which they come in.

In the meantime I'll be around to answer any questions you have. Please email me at the email address further down this page.

Thanks once again to those of you who have sent me your best wishes. :-)

UPDATE on 26th September:

I'm now closed until after my operation. All orders have been posted out, except for 2:

TC106701 - Unfortunately this order was too large for me to be able to make and send out, so I've refunded your payment to you. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please keep an eye on this page for details of when I'll be open again if you still want to place the order.

TC106752 - Unfortunately I was unable to process this order due to insufficient shipping being paid. Please reorder when I'm open again and choose the International Postage option during checkout.

(I've emailed both of you - but I've added the info here just in case the email gets lost in your junk email folders).


I'm HOPING that I'll be able to reopen on Monday 17th October. If all goes well then I should be able to open then or even before. Please keep an eye on this page and I'll update it as soon as I know anything.

Another thing you could do is to press CTRL and F5 together when you visit my site. This will refresh the page and update the big yellow notices that are at the top of all the pages, so if I've changed them since your last visit, then refreshing the page will always show you the latest version of the notices.

Many thanks to those of you who have sent me best wishes - much appreciated! :-)

I'll sign off for now and get packing - this time it's my hospital bag and not your orders!!

See you soon!


(Below are all of the older updates leading up to today's temporary closure)

UPDATE on 14th September:

I'm now open again! :-)

My operation (please see below for further details) will be at the end of this month, so everything will be business as usual until then. There will be a couple of occasions before the op where I have to have various tests done, and this may delay dispatch of orders slightly, but all orders will be dispatched before I close again:

I will be closing on Monday 26th September, so as long as you get your orders in by noon on the 26th, then your orders will still be processed for you.

I expect to be back open around about Monday 17th October, but I'll be able to update you on this when the time comes.

So - to recap:

I am now open until Monday 26th September.

Please get in touch by email if you need to as I won't be able to access the phone whilst I'm away. I'll still be available for the next few days to answer any questions. After that, I'll answer your emails as soon as I can.

I'll be updating this page as and when necessary by putting new updates at the top, so please keep an eye on this page.

Just in case you don't know what this page is about - please read below for further info.

(Original notice):

Don't worry - I'm still open until Friday 9th September, after which I'll be taking quite a considerable amount of time off. Please read the following for more info.....

Ok, so I thought I'd better let you all know about my left kidney.

(!!!?!!) :-)

Unfortunately I've been having trouble with said left kidney for the last year, and after numerous scans, etc... it has been decided that I need an operation. (Before I write any further - no need to worry - the trouble I've been having isn't THAT kind of trouble, so I can do an Arnie and say "I'll be back")!

The problem with being a sole trader, (as most of you will appreciate), is that you're not allowed to be ill and have time off work. However, I'm afraid that I will indeed need to take a significant amount of time off soon, so I thought I'd let you all know about it in advance so that you can plan your purchases - I'm thinking Halloween and Christmas Moulds - i.e. I wouldn't want you to miss out on all of my lovely moulds! :-)

One other problem I have is that I don't exactly know when the operation will be. I'll be seeing a specialist on September 14th and I've been told to expect an immediate pre-op assessment. If this happens, then I'm expecting the operation fairly soon after that.

What could happen of course, is that they don't actually operate until quite a while afterwards. If this is the case, then I'll obviously be able to come back home and start work again until I'm due for the op. All of this uncertainty doesn't phase me personally, but from a planning point of view it's a bit of a nightmare.....

So - I've decided to temporarily shut up shop from Friday 9th September. I have no idea how long I'll be closed for, hence this special page on the site to try to explain what'll be happening.

At a guess - I expect to be closed for about a month. (That's the normal recovery time for my planned operation). However, I've been told that once they open me up, they may decide to do a different kind of operation depending on what they find in there. If this happens, then the quoted recovery time jumps up to 3 months. Hey ho..... :-S

So - to sum up:

I'll be closed from Friday 9th September for an unknown amount of time.

All orders placed before noon on Thursday 8th September will be processed and sent out on the Friday.

After that - I'll update this page as soon as I can with any info that'll give you an indication of when I'll be able to open again.

Well, hopefully I've not confused you all with the above!!! If I have, then blame it on my left kidney!

I wish you all health, wealth and happiness! :-)

All the best to you and yours,

UPDATE on 8th September:

If you can't see a giant notice on all the pages of our site, please press Control and F5. This will refresh your screen and ensure that you are viewing the latest up to date version of our site. Similarly, it'd be a good idea for you to regularly do this whilst the notices are up, because I may have changed them, so by refreshing the page you will always be seeing the latest version. :-)

UPDATE on 8th September:

I'm now not taking any more orders until further notice. Any orders made today will be posted out to you tomorrow (9th Sept). Our shopping cart system automatically assigns Order ID numbers in numerical order. The last order to be processed is TC105215, so any order that has a number preceding 105215 WILL STILL BE PROCESSED. :-)

Just in case you need to get in touch you can email me on:

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