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We've made it easier for you to get discounts when you're buying in bulk.

First off we've set up a WHOLESALE MOULDS SPECIALS category where you'll find many designs at SUPER LOW PRICES! If you'd like to see any of our other designs in that section then feel free to email me and I'll see what I can do. The moulds listed in that category would be great if you make up your own craft kits or for if you'd like to supply moulds yourself. Have a look 
at that category - you'll be glad you did.

For our other moulds, to find out how much you'd pay when bulk ordering, simply look at the new Red Boxes and you'll find out the quantities you'll need to buy in order to qualify for our wholesale prices.


MOST of the moulds have a starting quantity of just two before any discount will kick in. Others have a starting quantity of six, and there are a few that start at twelve. When you're ordering your moulds all you need to do is update the quantity you require when you view your basket. Once you've qualified for a discount you'll see the total "Multi-Buy Item Discount" show up automatically in the basket.

PLEASE NOTE: The discounts shown in the red boxes are for multiples of the SAME DESIGN. (i.e. you can't order 2 different moulds in order to qualify for the discounted prices). Note also that some of our moulds are listed in separate categories, but in order for the automatic discount to kick in, you need to order the correct quantities from just one listing. For example, many of our moulds are listed as both soap moulds and chocolate moulds. They're the same design, but because they can be used for either chocolate or soap making they are listed separately in the relevant categories. The red box discount deals will only work if you order the correct quantities from one product listing because the discounts available are specific to each separately listed product.

All the moulds in our SPECIAL OFFERS section, any private listings, plus a few elsewhere, are excluded from discounted pricing. Simply put, if you can see the red discount box then discounting is available on that design.

For the vast majority of our moulds you'll reach the top discounted level of LESS THAN HALF PRICE MOULDS when you buy 24 or more of any one design. At that rate you could start up your own business supplying moulds!!

So don't forget to keep an eye on the details inside our red discount boxes to see if you can make even bigger savings when buying our moulds!

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