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(PLEASE NOTE: We do not make custom moulds)

How do I...?
Please visit our HINTS AND TIPS pages. You might find your answer there!

Can I wash the moulds in a dishwasher?
NO - As with most plastic moulds, please do not wash them in your dishwasher. Simply clean them in warm, (not hot!), soapy water after each use and rinse well.

Can I use the moulds in an oven or microwave?
Our mould are NOT suitable for oven or microwave use.

Which moulds are suitable for chocolate?
Only our TRANSPARENT moulds are suitable for chocolate making. As we cannot guarantee that the plastic has never come into contact with nuts, etc you MUST wash all moulds prior to use.

What CAN'T I use the moulds for?
We advise that our moulds are only suitable for casting with Melt and Pour Soap, Cold Process Soap, Wax, Plaster, Concrete, Bath Bombs or Chocolate. (See note below about the uses for the transparent and white versions). Whilst you might be able to use our moulds for casting with other things, we do know that they are not suitable for casting with resin. In addition, you won't be able to put them in your oven to bake biscuits etc.

Will you make me a custom made mould?
Sorry - I'm afraid that the time involved in making the originals means that we can't produce custom moulds at this time. However, if you’d like to see a particular design available then feel free to contact us. If your request is suitable for a wide range of customers then we might consider making it.

Do you have a catalogue of your moulds?
Sorry - we don't have a catalogue of our moulds. All of our designs are listed on the site and orders need to be placed through the website.

Where is my order?
Please visit our Delivery Info page paying particular attention to the DELIVERY SCHEDULE section and the NON DELIVERY section.

Could you tell me my order total in my own currency?
We can only accept PayPal payments in English Pounds Sterling from buyers outside of the U.K. We can’t quote you in your own currency because PayPal does the currency conversion for you when you pay. Your PayPal registered address must also be confirmed.

Can I pay by cheque / postal order?
Sorry - as UK banks will shortly be abandoning the cheque guarantee scheme, we have removed the pay by cheque or postal order option from our checkout process. All orders should be made through TidyCart, our secure online payment shopping cart.

Will you give me any discount?
We have SPECIAL OFFERS running all the time. Also, we offer discount to buyers who want to buy in bulk by creating WHOLESALE MOLDS listings. Plus we have our RED BOX DISCOUNTS available on most of our moulds.
 If you have a look at that page you'll find further info on our wholesale pricing.

What size will the finished cast be?
Please see the description part of each separate mould – we always state the size of each item in there.

What weight will the finished soap be?
Please see the description part of each separate soap mould – we always state the approximate weight of each of the soaps in there.

Why are some moulds white and some moulds transparent?
UPDATE: PLEASE SEE THE MAIN PLASTER MOULDS SECTION FOR MORE INFORMATION!! At the moment we make and sell moulds made from 2 different types of plastic. The transparent moulds are made from food grade plastic and are suitable for Melt and Pour Soapmaking, Cold Process Soapmaking, Chocolate, Sugarpaste, Plaster OR Wax. (Please note the "OR" - we would NOT recommend using the same mould for making soap and chocolate for obvious reasons!!). The white moulds are suitable for casting with concrete / cement or plaster. These are made from ABS plastic, and this is NOT food grade plastic, so you won't be able to use ABS moulds for chocolate etc.

Our contact details are:

YO15 3AU
Tel. +44 (0) 1262 604819

Our prefered method of contact is by email as I spend most of my day in my workshop! If after reading the above Frequently Asked Questions page you still want to get in touch, please contact me using the following email address and I'll get back to you as soon as pos. :-)


If your question is already answered above any response from us will be delayed.


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